Hair Story Time

Here’s a simple, fun Hair-themed story time for ages 4-7 or so.


What’s Wrong with My Hair, Satoshi Kitamura (this is a delightful large board book, which you can use with any age)

Melissa Parkington’s Beautiful, Beautiful Hair, Pat Brisson

Stephanie’s Ponytail, Robert Munsch

Bugs in My Hair!, David Shannon

A rhyme:

Here are the Barber’s Scissors,
(make cutting motion)
With which he cuts my hair,
I hope he cuts my bangs,
(snip fingers around hair and bangs)
Very nice and square,
A comb, a brush,
(pretend to comb)
Hairspray too,
(spray hair)
The barber has a lot to do!

Sing Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes as “Hair and Shoulders…”

If you’re talented with a flannel board, you can make lovely people with exciting changeable hair, the kids adore it!

For a very simple craft you can have everyone draw some crazy hair with a cutout face, like What’s Wrong with My Hair.

For a more complicated craft, you could make silly things to put in one’s hair out of pipe cleaners and decorations–flowers, spiders, whatever!