Knitting update

All right, I’ve been doing well with the work-related writing, but have been neglecting the other things! So here is some knitting:



This is a September Sweater in progress, made in a nice cashmere-wool blend.



Shawl 2 Shawl 1 

This is a shawl/afghan/lap rug (depending on how big it ends up being), a very simple design of stockinette with a 6-stitch garter border, in Berocco Ultra Light Alpaca that I’ve had for ages.

Otherwise, I’ve been knitting a fleet of dishcloths at work, out of basic rugged cotton yarn. I’m hoping to start a ruana soon, however!



Just a photo or two to keep things interesting

1. An Anna Zilboorg toque-in-progress

Knitted Toque
Are they moths or birds?


2. Half of a pair of Cat Bordhi New Pathways socks.

One Knitted Sock
Swashbuckling Socks

3. Merlin, psycho cat extrordinaire, pretending he’s a bunch of clementines.

Merlin the psycho cat
He’s not from California, but he’s certainly a cutie!