Children’s Librarian, knitter, reader, walker, cat-owner, puppet-lover! Also lover of naps, sleeping in, sleep generally (if there really are jobs testing mattresses where you get to sleep all day at work, I’m the woman for the job), and coffee when I can’t get out of being awake. I love flamboyant clothing of the large hat and cloak variety, but also t-shirts and jeans (especially if it’s a Muppet t-shirt), long skirts, and large earrings. I was homeschooled all my life prior to university, which means I sometimes rant about the horrors of school, and I’m very liberal, which means I have little use for a lot of politicians. I once lived in a house with 27 pets (including 11 ferrets), and I adore cats, dogs, rats (they make darling pets), hamsters and ferrets. Some day I will be an eccentric old lady in a house filled with animals, and I’ll preferably ride around in a pony cart while wearing my large hats. I once had a prof who was an adorable woman in her late fifties, and she always dressed like a fairy godmother. That’s my idea of a good look for older women.


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