Summer Round Up

It’s been an insane summer, more programs and more kids than ever, and so I haven’t been able to even think about posting. However, school begins in two weeks, and so things are winding down, so here’s a quicky “What’s been happening in my library this summer” post!

TD Summer Reading Club: of course, the must-do for Canadian public libraries (at least in Ontario, I know some provinces offer alternatives). I think I posted about it last summer, here, so I won’t again, but once again we are offering an alternative Activity Path (as opposed to the read-books-and-get-prizes model of the Reading Path, aka the typical TD Summer Reading Club), and it was more popular than last year, I think (stats not in yet), partly because I made it easier this year, and partly because more people knew about it, and I really encourage my staff to talk it up. It’s most popular for kids who finish the Reading Path first and early, so need something else for the rest of the summer, but also good for kids for whom reading is not so much fun.

Wonderworks: borrowed wholesale from the wonderful Library Makers blog from Madison (WI) Public Library. I chose four of the posted programs, made a few adjustments, and have run it as an August drop-in special. I won’t say attendance has been awesome (but it’s August in a very cottage-owning town), but those who have come have really enjoyed it. So far we’ve done Sorting, Velcro, Chains, and we’ll end with Blocks and Playdough this week. I’d love to run it during to school year, but I just haven’t got a time and place.

What Wednesdays: designed to occupy our summer programming student and to fill a need, this was an hour every Wednesday morning during the summer when anyone 6-11 years could come in and explore something: animals one week, games another, colour another, and so on. We had six to ten activities each week, and kids could explore them as they wanted. It turned out really well, mainly thanks to our brilliant summer student (and former library page).

Sew Crazy: I already posted about this here, but once again it was very popular. I did downsize it to about eight kids, which was so much better.

Preschool Gym: a rerun from last summer, and a good one. We have a few articles of gym-type equipment: a pop-up tunnel, a balance board, a rainbow gym mat, and a bean bag toss game. We put those out, plus a few other things–this year we had ‘soccer’ balls to kick into a cardboard box goal, a tape balance beam and math hopscotch. Very, very popular, I think we have 70-odd people show up–way too many for the program room, but they worked that out fast, and some people left so it was more manageable.

That’s not all, but it’s the more exciting free things that I had some involvement in, and I highly recommend any or all!




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