So busy…but here are some picture books!

Things are crazy at work (everyone’s sick, including me), but here’s a couple excellent new/recent picture books!

GardenerThe Night Gardener, by the Fan Brothers.
This picture book is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in ages. I don’t buy many new picture books (no kids of my own and I can get most of the books I need at work), but I am totally buying this. It’s a touch creepy, I guess, but it is SO beautiful! You need to read it.




The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas, by Tony Wilson, pictures by Sue deGennaro.
Prince Henrik’s older brother found his princess by placing a pea under a pile of mattresses, but Prince Henrik finds his sister-in-law kind of ridiculous. He wants a princess who isn’t so sensitive, one who will play hockey and go camping. So he tries putting a packet of frozen peas under one mattress, and all the princesses whine and complain and get bruised–until his old friend Pippa shows up for a sleepover. A charming and funny happily-ever-after story for those of us who wouldn’t notice a pea under a pile of mattresses!



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