A Brief Fall Quiet Time

School started yesterday, the Summer Reading Club ended this past Saturday, so we have a temporarily quiet respite here in children’s services. The first week of school tends to be quiet for us no matter what else we do, since most kids and their families are more worried about getting settled in school than what to read next, and it’s a little early for assignments requiring lots of reading.

What’s next? Well, Fall preschool programs start next week, that’s all our registered story times, and school-age one-time programs start happening in about two weeks, when the newness of school has worn off a bit. Right now we’re all tidying our desks and counting the summer reading stats, as well as doing any final prep for next week’s programs.

It’s going to be a busy Fall, with more programs than we’ve ever run in one season here (to my knowledge anyway, and that includes the input of people who have worked here for more than thirty years). We’re doing a bunch of 3D Printing for Kids programs, since the one I ran in the Spring was an insane hit (not a good program–too many people, but a huge one for the content). We’re also starting this library’s first ever weekly story time. Previously all our story times have been in 2-4 week registered sessions, or once or twice a month drop-ins. Getting a weekly story time is something I’ve been trying to do since I started (since it’s so much better for families if they can just know it’s always happening if they want to come), but it’s been a long time coming, thanks to various factors. I’m guessing it’s going to be a huge hit which may change how we do all our other story times.

I’ve just been going through our Summer Reading survey, we asked older kids (7 or 8 and up) or parents to answer two questions and provide any other feedback about the program, and it’s really nice to read all the feedback. 63% said they read more this summer because of Summer Reading, and everyone said they enjoyed the program. Lots of comments said how much the program encouraged reading and how nice the staff were, which is such a shot in the arm for all of us–and provides us with tons lovely quotes for budget presentations and so on all year.

The appalling heat of the past few days is finally starting to break, and I (being one of those weird people who loves Fall, even if it means winter is up next) am very pleased–no air conditioning at home is not fun when it’s 32-36 degrees (C) outside!


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