Had an awesome program today, modelled on one I used to run weekly in my old job. It’s a puppet program, and the main point is just to let the kids hang out with puppets! So we started with all the library’s puppets on the floor on one half of our program room, and the kids got to explore them. They had tons of fun figuring out how the owl’s eyes blinked and cramming the frog back inside the prince, and making the shark eat the chicks. Then we went over to the other side of the room, and made puppets! I was worried that some of the older kids (this was an age 4-10 program) would sneer at paper bag puppets or very simple finger puppets, but I need not have. Everyone had an awesome time, and we ended with an utterly chaotic puppet show (performed using a fabulous table on its side with cloth draped over it as a puppet theatre) in which I performed the handsome but extremely cowardly Prince Edward, the oldest girl in the room performed Princess Pom Pom, a double-faced pom pom hanging from marionette strings who was supposed to be rescued by Prince Edward but actually rescued him more often than not, and everyone else performed things that frightened Prince Edward so badly that he disgraced himself and fell off his horse! It was a huge hit, and almost everyone asked me when the next one would be. I wish I had pictures to share, but the problem with running a program by yourself is that it’s hard to take pictures. Anyway, if you have a nice puppet collection that you don’t mind sharing a bit, I highly recommend this kind of program. Kids really get a kick out of it!


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