Cardboard Challenge

I imagine most people are familiar with Caine’s Arcade. It’s pretty awesome. So me and a colleague thought we’d see how awesome our local kids are. And the answer is (again), pretty awesome! We had staff bring us all kinds of cardboard boxes (mostly light-weight cereal boxes and so on, but a few big corrugated ones) from home for the last few months, we spread it out all over the program room floor, and we got out 9 billion leftover stickers from summer reading and the backs of books and so on, lots of masking tape and glue sticks, and some markers and crayons. In an hour and a half, twelve kids ages 7-12 built two castles, a tank, a birdhouse, a boat, and a lot of random stuff. It was really great. Let me recommend to all you children’s library people out there, run yourselves a cardboard challenge! It’s totally great to see kids utterly dedicated to figuring out how to make a cardboard drawbridge lift for an hour!


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