A decision (and summer reading club outreach)

Okay, I’ve decided I need to become serious about this. I will post something children’s-library related at least once a week, because otherwise having a blog is just silly!

  We’re in the middle of summer reading club promotion at the moment. Like many Canadian libraries, we use the TD Summer Reading Club, and at my library, we launch on the day school ends, which here in most of Ontario is this Thursday. Tomorrow I have my last class visit to promote the club, and by the end of my visits, we will have seen over 1,000 students, mostly grades K-3, but a few older kids as well. Judging by previous years, we are likely to end up with about 100 new participants from that 1,000 (not counting all the returnees), which is not bad at all. What do we do at school visits? I don’t really know what my staff does, but I make a fool of myself, which is exactly what the kids seem to enjoy! I tell jokes, I ask them what their favourite books are, and I read as many silly books (Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems and Weasels by Elys Dolan are this year’s favourites for grades 2 and up) as I can cram in. If possible, I also drop things a lot, wear large cool earrings and/or a bobbly headband, and otherwise behave in a manner entirely suitable to a children’s librarian, but not many other people. The awesome thing about visiting in schools is that you do not have to be authoritative. Leave that to the teachers, your job is to be amazingly fun!


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