So, here I am. Exciting new blog, on exciting WordPress. I’m so excited I can hardly breath (Okay, I admit it, I lied–I can breath perfectly well). My aim is to make this a blog primarily about my job (I’m a librarian), with a little knitting too, because I knit a great deal and to ignore it would be sad. I’ll also probably make comments about my cats, because they’re important people around here (and the reason my ‘W’ doesn’t work very well–little feline claws have pulled it slightly out of alignment and I have to hit it extra hard. Also the reason I don’t have an F1 key anymore, but since help is never any help, I don’t miss F1).

So who am I? I’m a Canadian by birth, upbringing and inclination, although I currently live in the States, and indeed, hold US citizenship. I’m one of those strange people who never went to school or did anything formal in the education line before my B.A. Unschooler is my preferred term, although I don’t mind homeschooler, just don’t imagine me sitting in a home classroom, because the only time we had one of those was when the Board of Ed representative was coming to make sure we (my sisters and I) were actually being educated. My education was basically a long list of (self-chosen) books, and I liked it that way. I’m a children’s librarian at a branch of the public library in a reasonably large north-eastern American city. I’m an artist and craftswoman; I sing, act, write, design (clothes), knit, sew, crochet, tat, and am currently learning Calligraphy. I adore hats, capes, and all over-the-top clothing, especially if historically influenced. I’m a Christian who believes in a God who is all gods and who loves us all more than we can ask or imagine. I’m extremely liberal politically; I write letters for Amnesty In’tl, I sign petitions about saving whales and gay marriage, and I march for peace. I love urban places and rural places, and hate suburbs and small towns.  I want to grow up to be a crazy old lady who raises goats and drives a pony cart, and has 10 million cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, and probably some other things. I love chocolate and can’t live without coffee, and take great pleasure in an afternoon cup of tea. I could keep this up all night, but I won’t. That’s enough of a start. Goodnight.


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